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Doula The Doula

Doula Training & Mentorship

A six-month mentorship circle and training for new and seasoned doulas. 

Meets the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month on Zoom from:

August 5th - January 20th, 2025

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST


Doulas need community just as much as parents do! Whether you are exploring your calling towards birth work or you are a seasoned professional looking for community, this circle is for you.   

This 6-month-long circle is a space to learn, grow, and connect. We believe that we are better together and when doulas support one another we are able to show up for our community with our full potential. 

This Mentorship & Training Explores:

  • Building your business as a doula and using Human Design to honor your own energy system

  • Tools for processing your birth experiences 

  • Caring for yourself to prevent burnout 

  • Supporting your clients nutritionally during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Understanding the framework of German New Medicine to support the emotional framework of pregnancy and birth

  • Tools for supporting clients through labor at home or in the hospital

  • Supporting your clients' breastfeeding journey and having a bases of knowledge to help navigate tongue tie. 

  • Supporting your client through a harmonious postpartum

  • Honoring the divine feminine, innate wisdom of the body and your clients' sovereignty 

   ​...and more​​​


"This work is not for someone who wants to be told a linear set of steps to follow to achieve a prescribed outcome.

This is work for those who want to embrace the power of our own souls to walk as part of Divine Creation. To bathe our hearts in love until they glow and light our way. To come from a space of unlimited compassion for everyone we are in contact with and most of all with ourselves. To make dear friends with resistance and obstacles - in fact to get excited when they show up."


Meet Your Mentors


Carson Meyer

Carson Meyer is a birth doula and nutrition consultant who has supported hundreds of women on their journey to parenthood. She hosts educational circles for women all over the country to help them access community and information on healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum practices.


Her upcoming book will be released by Chronicle Books in 2025 and will serve as a guide to mothers and families from conception through the first hundred days of their children’s lives.


In addition to her birth work, Carson is the founder of

C & The Moon, an environmentally conscious line of skincare products based out of her hometown of Malibu, CA.


She graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2016 and lives in western North Carolina with her fiancé, Johnathan, and their daughter, Lou.


Dr. Maura Moynihan

Dr Maura Moynihan is a home-birth mother to four sons, married to her high school sweetheart, and has been working in the birth world for over 17 years. 


The former owner and operator of Rosewood Family Healing Center, Dr. Maura draws from her experience in chiropractic, craniosacral, Traditional Chinese Medicine, German New Medicine, Revelation Breathwork, and nervous system regulation. Her postgrad studies focused on Pregnancy and Pediatrics, primarily on stress' impact on the physiology of birth and breastfeeding. In 2010 she received her master's in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health, and Healing - this has impacted how she views everything. Her philosophy on health is that Life Loves you; that symptoms are indicators for awakening; and that everything can be used for learning, growing, and evolving. 


Currently, she offers mentorship programs and 1:1, teaches facilitators of Revelation Breathwork, and runs retreats and workshops.

"The circle felt like a dream compared to the standard doula certification classes that get you in-and-out in two days. The circle was more comprehensive, empathetic, and holistically informative — exploring birth, lactation, cultural traditions, self-care, nutrition, postpartum care and so much more. I walked away with a deeper connection to myself and an even greater passion for birth work. Carson is a brilliant, gentle, intentional, and strong mentor — no question went unexplored. As soon as the class ended, I was like… can I sign up again?"


What Your Investment Includes

Price: $3,500

Six Month Mentorship
with Carson & Maura

Complete Birth & Postpartum Doula Training 

Lifelong Community

Twelve 2-Hour Group
Zoom Calls 

On-Going Whatsapp Chat to Stay Connected, Resourced & Ask Questions

Two 60-minute One-on-One Calls
(One with Maura & One with Carson) 

"Carson creates such a great learning space!  The combination of her in-depth knowledge of Doula work, alongside guest speakers is beyond helpful. Would definitely recommend this mentorship circle as a way to expand your community and skill-set."

Maria Elena

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this training unique? 

This training is just as much about supporting YOURSELF as it is supporting your clients. We want you to succeed and for your work to be sustainable for your unique energetics and life situations. We will teach you about your energetic design, how to regulate your nervous system, and tools for a thriving business. This training will teach you how to assist mothers in pregnancy and birth in hospitals, home, and birth centers. We share resources for nutrition, pelvic alignment, and the organic transitions of the mother's energetic, emotional, and spiritual evolution. You will be in a community that recognizes how birth is the initiation from maiden to mother, and how each pregnancy is designed to transform and evolve all aspects of the mother's world. We want you to feel confident about offering tongue-tie and body support referrals, and teach you practices to hold space, clear energy, and support a mother's craniosacral rhythm. We have designed this program for a community with varying levels of experience for comprehensive topics, with plenty of time for you to attend births and accrue questions so that we can help you navigate them. Western medicine teaches practitioners fear-based tools, how to sleep, how to eat, how to be in control. Whereas, a mother is being invited into the mystery, where all her power is held. Her ability to resource her wisdom as birth invites her into the realm of motherhood is one of the greatest portals of life. You will be in a community that normalizes the profound power that innately resides in pregnancy and birth.

Will I be a certified doula after taking this training?  

Over the years, doula certifying agencies have emerged and gained popularity. However, it is our personal belief that a certified doula is an oxymoron. Doula's have always existed outside the system. Our job is to serve mothers; not a governing agency. During the pandemic, many doulas were forbidden from supporting their clients in hospitals without "certification," which wrongfully left many skilled doulas out of work and mothers without support. A doula can be a sister, mother, friend or hired professional. It is not a role that requires certification. Having a foundation of knowledge about physiological birth and committing to always being a student of this work is imperative - which is why we are offering a training and mentorship, and not a certification. You will leave this training feeling confident in building your practice and attending births.

Is it for birth or postpartum doulas?

Both! There is something for everyone in this mentorship and we will be exploring it all. We believe that pregnancy, birth and postpartum support are all connected. Although you may plan to only offer one or the other, having the necessary skills and information will benefit your work regardless.

I have never attended a birth. Can I join? 

Absolutely! We love working with new doulas and the enthusiasm and passion they bring to the group. This is not your average "Doula 101" training. We are going deep on important topics that are often left out of doula trainings, like processing your own birth (being born), how to regulate your nervous system to show up in your highest self, honoring the divine feminine. and so much more. Doulas of all levels of experience will benefit and gain a loving community on their path.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! We can accommodate payment plans prior to the start date. Please email us for more information.

*Due to the limited number of spots available in this mentorship, we do not accept refunds.

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