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Birth Preparation 

For those looking to work individually with a doula to enrich their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. 


This virtual private support package covers all the bases from healthy pregnancy practices and childbirth education, to postpartum and breastfeeding preparation.

Available to parents worldwide

In each meeting we cover...


​Session 1 - Learning & Unlearning 

  • How you envision this right of passage and what your unique family needs to thrive. Working through fears and cultural conditioning around birth and motherhood. Stages of labor, hormones and how to honor the physiological process of birth.

​Session 2 - Creating Birth Intentions 

  • Creating your birth intentions, learning about the many different options you have giving birth at home or in the hospital, comfort measures in labor, providing evidence based information and resources to improve birth outcomes for mom and baby, supporting you in finding the right provider and being your own best advocate.

​Session 3 - Building The Nest 

  • With optimal support, nourishment and care postpartum can be a time for profound healing and rejuvenation. Here we will discuss all things postpartum from baby registry and breastfeeding to sleep rhythms and body work.

​Session 4 - Mothering The Mother

  • This session will take place after birth within the first 12 weeks. I can offer support however it is needed at the time. This may include postpartum healing, sleep, breastfeeding and processing your birth story.

With this package, Carson is also reachable in between sessions for support anytime via text, email or call.

You can also add on...



LA based parents can also add on an in-person doula who works in tandem with me to join our team the day of the birth.


"I hate to even imagine what my labor would have been like without Carson there beside​ me. My partner and I made one of the best decisions of our lives by hiring her. Carson was essentially a fairy godmother during labor and delivery. I had a very painful and difficult labor but knew there were certain medical interventions I wanted to avoid. Carson not only helped me through my pain but consistently and repeatedly advocated for us at the hospital. She was an expert at guiding us to ask for what we wanted. We felt so safe and cared for with her by our sides. I tear up when I remember how much Carson did for us in those 36 hours of labor, helping to turn what could have been a very scary experience into a magical one."


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