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Meet Carson


Everything you need to mother in harmony is already within you.

It’s simple…You already have the innate wisdom and strength to birth and raise your baby. I am here to walk with you through this profound transformation, to support you and your family so that you can thrive in your unique and authentic approach. Lean on me as you navigate the terrain of early motherhood.


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In 2016 I graduated from New York University where I studied the mind-body connection, child development and holistic health.


In one of my classes I was assigned to watch the Business of Being Born, a documentary about giving birth in America. It was the first time I’d seen footage of unscripted birth and it opened my eyes to the upsetting realities of the "birth industrial complex" in the US. The film struck a chord and ignited my calling. After moving home to Malibu, California I took my doula training and never looked back.

Over the past seven years I’ve had the privilege of supporting hundreds of parents through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As a doula I meet my clients where they’re at on their unique journey and offer resources, education and support for home or hospital birth. I help parents navigate the many choices they have so they can feel confident, connected and empowered throughout this sacred time. 

I believe that the way we approach birth has the potential to change the world.

A supported mother who is respected in her autonomy is not only less likely to experience birth trauma or postpartum depression, but will feel better equipped to show up as a mother with all that she has to give. The imprinting that takes place for a child on the day they are born and the days and weeks that follow informs their worldview and lifelong physical health more than we may realize. 

After years working as a doula I was shocked to learn how rare it was for doctors to talk to clients about good nutrition, emotional wellbeing and environmental health.

The impact of a healthy lifestyle for mom and baby are well studied and I believe should be a central point of prenatal and postpartum care. In 2020 I became certified a nutrition consultant through the Oh Baby Academy so I could support my clients in feeling their best.


In 2022 I became a mother myself. I gave birth to my daughter Lou in our home in North Carolina. In addition to my birth work I have a clean skincare line, C & The Moon

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