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When my doctor recommended I explore hiring a doula, I was skeptical.  I didn't have a birth plan and, as a first-time mother, had only a vague sense of what to expect during labor and delivery.  I was considering natural childbirth but had no experience with it, so I made a few calls.  The moment I spoke with Carson, I knew what direction to take.  From that first exploratory meeting, she made me feel connected, confident and totally supported, through-and-through.   


Having someone you (and your partner) can solidly rely on during such an intimate, vulnerable and life-changing moment is essential, and Carson is a rock.  She has a rare charisma that puts one at ease and is deeply knowledgeable, capable and compassionate.  In our meetings Carson communicated everything so my expectations were clear.  At the start of labor she kept me relaxed at home and during delivery she was a guiding presence of stability and calm.  It is truly because of her that my delivery was everything I could have hoped for and more.  I sincerely could not have done it without Carson - and I mean that literally.  


I am forever grateful for the beautiful birth of my daughter and so thankful Carson was by my side.  Not only is she an incredible doula but I'm happy to now call her a friend.

- Brooke Taylor Corsia 

"Birth support? Isn't that my job?!?" my fiance asked when I told him I wanted a Doula.Oh how little we knew!Our doula, Carson, was so much more than birth support. She helped us plan for a natural birth (we did it!), taught us comfort measures, came to midwife appointments, printed copies of our birth plan when I forgot...and when we went into labor she beat us to the hospital with a giant bag of helpful goodies and tips!


She made sure the room was dim, flameless candles were everywhere, and reminded the midwives of our desires...but most importantly, she made sure I was comfortable so Cody and I could relax, take deep breaths, and focus solely on the most beautiful moment of our lives.

I am very fortunate to have a partner who was with me 100% every step of the pregnancy and birth, and we were very fortunate to have a doula who supported both of us throughout the entire process. Carson added to the positive and loving energy in the room and we will definitely be working with her again.

Thank you, Carson, for being the most amazing doula and friend! ❤️ Words cannot express our gratitude...but baby Ezra cuddles can come close!

- Kashia

When I first met Carson, it took me all of the first thirty seconds to be sure she was the doula I wanted to work with.  With her genuine smile, Carson truly beams with joy regarding all things childbirth. 


Our first meeting was two hours long.  I had a list of basic questions, concerns, and fears.  She had answers and positive insight to all of them, and by the time I left that first meeting, I had a newfound excitement for my own journey ahead.  Within hours of returning home, I received a lengthy and precise email as a follow up to all the topics we discussed.  She sent me information on many resources in the Los Angeles area, and numerous reads and videos on the questions I had for her. 


Throughout my work with Carson, she was always professional, reliable, and simply fun to be around. Her knowledge got my pregnancy off to a great start to truly understanding the type of birth I wanted.  If there was a question I had that she did not know the answer to, she researched it and got right back to me.  Carson is a great listener, and I felt I could ask her anything.  We discussed in length the type of birth I envisioned, but also talked about the type of birth I feared.  She reassured me that any birth can be beautiful, and offered many tips for all types of scenarios. 


Carson has found her true calling in life as a doula, and I am so very thankful to have her as a friend and an invaluable resource.  Anyone who has the chance to work with her is so so very lucky.  Thank you Carson for your help and love every step of the way!


- Cody Dillon

Over the years I have had many doulas reach out to me about mentoring them and it either didn’t feel like the right fit or it was the wrong time.. Then Carson showed up fresh out of her doula training ... with a burning passion for all things birth and yearning to learn EVERYTHING she could to help better support her clients throughout the birthing process. I intuitively saw something really special and magical in her and knew she was going to make a fantastic doula. Turns out I was right!


Carson is a Natural at this work. She brings and holds space in the most beautiful, positive, calm but enthusiastic way. She is a pure light and joy and I HIGHLY recommend her to all !!!  The birthing world is so lucky to have her as a part of it !!!

- Lori Bregman

   Birth Doula, Healer and Author of Mindful Mom-To-Be 

Carson is one of those doulas that immediately stands out.

Her loving presence, combined with wonderful listening skills and her background prove to be the perfect combination for a marvelous birth doula. 

Any parent to be would be lucky to have her by their side. Carson is responsible, caring and has been developing wonderful relationship with doctors, midwives and peer doulas. It is an honor to watch her grow professionally. I am proud to have been part of her path. 

- Ana Paula Markel

 Founder of Bini Birth and DONA President-Elect 

Seven months into my second pregnancy with our son, I was still on the fence about hiring a doula.  That was until I randomly met Carson.  She was young, hip, smart, beautiful and charismatic.  I felt an immediate connection to her.  And to be quite honest, she was the exact opposite of what I had imagined a doula to be. 


I am grateful to Carson for guiding me through the weeks leading up to the delivery and the actual delivery itself.  Even though it was a very fast one, she helped in so many ways.  She also assisted with the company we chose to encapsulate my placenta, another decision that I am so grateful for.  

- Erica

Carson was a great support to me and my husband. During my labor and birth her massage and positive encouragement was so helpful. I am glad she was there with us throughout my pregnancy and birth giving me advice and helping my husband and I navigate this new experience. 


I'm forever grateful to Carson, who provided postpartum support to me and my family. She brought me home-cooked meals during my recovery from a Cesarian birth, and spent time with my baby while I took much needed naps. I'm beyond appreciative of her gentle spirit and encouraging demeanor.  She is truly a gift. Thank you, Carson! 

- Grace

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