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An intimate & interactive class for new and prospective doulas by Birth Doula Carson Meye

for Doulas

This year-long mentorship circle meets monthly to discuss:

  • Doula Self-Care

  • Meditations

  • Evidence based resources & information

  • Comfort measures

  • Supporting Parents in:

    • Nutrition for pregnancy & postpartum 

    • Practices for preparing the mind & body for labor 

    • Supporting the hormones of labor 

    • Preparing for hospital or home birth 

    • Breastfeeding Basics 

    • Postpartum Care

**Also includes an optional Book Club and access to private ongoing group chat with Carson to connect anytime for additional questions, support and resources.



Carson creates such a great learning space! The combination of her in-depth knowledge of Doula work, alongside guest speakers is beyond helpful. Would definitely recommend this mentorship circle as a way to expand your community and skill-set.


Carson’s circle is all about community, mentorship, and getting to learn from some of the most brilliant birth workers I’ve ever met — her circle felt like a dream compared to the standard doula certification classes that get you in-and-out in two days. The circle was more comprehensive, empathetic, and holistically informative — exploring birth, lactation, cultural traditions, self-care, nutrition, postpartum care and so much more. I walked away with a deeper connection to myself and an even greater passion for birth work. Carson is a brilliant, gentle, intentional, and strong mentor — no question went unexplored. As soon as the class ended, I was like… can I sign up again?


Sign up to Recieve Information on my Next Circle

Thanks for your interest! I will send an email when sign up becomes available for my next circle, which will likely take place in Summer or Fall 2022.

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