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Emotional Energetics of Birth

FREE Virtual Webinar and Q&A

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

2:00 PM EST


Everything that unfolds in pregnancy and birth is for the opening process.

Everything that comes up is an energetic release/expression to align the mother in her transition. Not only in body, but in preparation for motherhood.

In this Zoom, we will be exploring how a mother’s emotional material influences her birthing experience and how as a doula, you can support her in navigating her unique path by recognizing these “gifts” to move through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with more ease.

This offering is designed to support pregnant mothers and birth workers, though all are welcome to join.

*The Zoom will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.


Meet Your Hosts

Carson Meyer is a birth doula and nutrition consultant who has supported hundreds of women on their journey to parenthood. She hosts educational circles for women all over the country to help them access community and information on healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum practices.

Her upcoming book will be released by Chronicle Books in 2025 and will serve as a companion for mothers from conception through the first hundred days of their children’s lives.

 Dr. Maura Moynihan is a home-birth mother to four sons, married to her high school sweetheart, and has been working in the birth world for over 17 years. Dr. Maura draws from her experience in chiropractic, craniosacral, Traditional Chinese Medicine, German New Medicine, Revelation Breathwork, and nervous system regulation. Her postgrad studies focused on Pregnancy and Pediatrics, primarily on stress' impact on the physiology of birth and breastfeeding. In 2010 she received her master's in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness

Together, they will lead a 6-month-long Doula the Doula Virtual Training & Mentorship Circle for new, seasoned and prospective doulas starting August 2, 2024.


This FREE Live discussion on the emotional and spiritual components of birth and postpartum serves as a sneak peak into Carson & Dr. Maura's upcoming "Doula the Doula" Training & Mentorship Circle. During the webinar, they will be sharing more information, and answering your questions on, the mentorship.

The 6-month-long circle will be a space to learn, grow, and connect. Carson & Dr. Maura believe that we are better together and when doulas support one another we are able to show up for our community with our full potential. Click the button below to learn more about the mentorship and reserve your spot.

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