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Doula Training & Mentorship

An intimate, interactive doula training and mentorship circle for new, seasoned and prospective doulas. 


Doulas need community just as much as parents do! Whether you are exploring your calling towards birth work or you are a seasoned professional looking for community, this circle is for you.   

This year long mentorship circle is a space to learn, grow and connect. I believe that we are better together and when doulas support one another we are able to show up for our community with our full potential. 


We meet monthly to discuss:

  • Building your business as a doula 

  • Caring for yourself to prevent burnout

  • Evidence based resources & information

  • How to support your clients nutritionally in pregnancy and postpartum

  • Practices for supporting clients through labor 

  • Tools for attending home and hospital births 

  • Supporting your clients' breastfeeding journey 

  • Tools for preparing your clients for a harmonious postpartum

   ​...and more!​​​

"Carson creates such a great learning space! The combination of her in-depth knowledge of Doula work, alongside guest speakers is beyond helpful. Would definitely recommend this mentorship circle as a way to expand your community and skill-set."


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