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Doula Retreat & Mentorship

A 3-day retreat in Asheville, NC to kick off a 6-month mentorship circle for new, seasoned and prospective doulas. 





Doulas need community just as much as parents do! Whether you are exploring your calling towards birth work or you are a seasoned professional looking for community, this circle is for you.   

This 6-month long mentorship circle is a space to learn, grow and connect. I believe that we are better together and when doulas support one another we are able to show up for our community with our full potential. 

This Menorship Explores:

  • Building your business as a doula and using Human Design to honor your own energy system. 

  • Tools for processing your birth experiences

  • Caring for yourself to prevent burnout 

  • Supporting your clients nutritionally in pregnancy and postpartum

  • Understanding the framework of German New Medicine to support the emotional framework of pregnancy and birth

  • Tools for supporting clients through labor at home or in the hospital

  • Supporting your clients breastfeeding journey

  • Understanding the tongue tie and how it relates to newborn care

  • Tools for preparing your clients for a harmonious postpartum

  • The role of  nervous system in postpartum challenge 

  • Cranial Sacral Techniques 

  • Honoring the innate wisdom of the body and inherent sovereignty 

   ​...and more​​​


"This work is not for someone who wants to be told a linear set of steps to follow to achieve a prescribed outcome.

This is work for those who want to embrace the power of our own souls to walk as part of Divine Creation. To bathe our hearts in love until they glow and light our way. To come from a space of unlimited compassion for everyone we are in contact with and most of all with ourselves. To make dear friends with resistance and obstacles - in fact to get excited when they show up."


Meet Your Mentors


Carson Meyer

Carson Meyer is a birth doula and nutrition consultant who has supported hundreds of parents on their journey to parenthood. She hosts educational circles for women all over the country to help them access community and information on healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum practices.


Her upcoming book will be released by Chronicle Books in 2024 and will serve as a guide to mothers and families from conception through the first hundred days of their children’s lives.


In addition to her birth work, Carson is the founder of

C & The Moon, an environmentally conscious line of skincare products based out of her hometown of Malibu, CA.


She graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2016 and lives in western North Carolina with her soulmate, Johnathan, and their daughter, Lou.


Dr. Maura Moynihan

Dr Maura Moynihan is a home-birth mother to four sons, married to her high school sweetheart, she has been working in the birth world for over 17 years.


The former owner and operator of Rosewood Family Healing Center, Dr. Maura draws from her experience in chiropractic, craniosacral, Traditional Chinese Medicine, German New Medicine, Human Design, and Spiritual Psychology to her holistic perspective of birth.


Weaving physiology, consciousness, ancestral ties, and nervous system regulation she is thrilled to collaborate with Carson's wisdom to offer comprehensive training for doulas.

"I've been a chiropractic and coaching client of Maura's for 8 years. I can truly say that she's been the sole (soul!) vehicle and support for the biggest and most amazing transformations I've experienced in that time. Through those journeys, Maura has served as a mentor, a healer, a sister, a best friend, and a true support system. She's gotten me to open up more than anyone ever has, and she's been there to catch me every time I've fallen. I can think of no better gift than having had the privilege of meeting and working with Maura, and I'd imagine anyone who works with her would feel the same.


Carson creates such a great learning space! The combination of her in-depth knowledge of Doula work, alongside guest speakers is beyond helpful. Would definitely recommend this mentorship circle as a way to expand your community and skill-set.


Carson guided us all with scientific and intuition-led learning. I wish I could take it again!


Carson is an incredible teacher! It's just a big circle of learning, love and support. Forever grateful!


Carson is a magical human with a gift for holding space for people.


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